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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre are ready to ensure reliable power supply on the Election Day and holidays

2 March 2012

On the Election Day of President of the Russian Federation March 4, 2012, as well as on holidays and weekend from March 8 to 10, 2012 IDGC of Centre will operate with increased responsibility to ensure the smooth operation of the energy complex of the Company.

To increase the reliability of the electric grid operation power engineers of the Company inspected electrical installations which supply power to polling stations, radio and television broadcasting facilities, as well as other facilities involved in the process of elections. Experts of IDGC of Centre checked the technical condition and availability of backup power supply.

The cooperation of power engineers with the local executive powers has been set on the issue of ensuring reliable operation of the polling stations equipped with electronic voting systems and video surveillance systems over the voting process. Specialists conducted unscheduled checks of fire extinguishing means and fire protection state of supervisory control points as well as electrical installations of branches, supplying electricity to polling stations.

At the given period it is prohibited to perform planned maintenance work, leading to weakening of electrical circuits, and the power grid equipment has been put back to operation which was earlier switched off for maintenance according to planned clearance orders. A special control has been established over the operation of the equipment, devices, substations, power lines; the duty of operational and maintenance personnel has been organized.

In case of problems with the quality of electricity supply or blackout at polling stations, please, call the around the clock Direct Power Hot Line at 8-800-50-50-115.

In addition, the Direct Power Hot Line at 8-800-50-50-115 provides for the capability to dial the extension number 13-55, which will be serviced as a priority for the polling stations: during the greeting, please, switch your phone to tone mode and dial 13-55. The call to the specified number is free both from mobile and landline phones of any region of Russia.

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