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The weather conditions did not disturb the State Duma elections

5 December 2011

Despite adverse weather conditions as wet rain, snow and wind power engineers of IDGC of Centre ensure reliable and trouble-free operations of the distribution grid complex of the Central Region of the Russian Federation on Election Day, December 4, 2011.

There were more than 9000 polling stations and facilities of the election campaign in the service area of IDGC of Centre. On the eve of election preparations power supply circuits of these facilities had been tested, measures to ensure counter-terrorism security of power facilities of the Company had been enhanced and 38 back-up power supply sources had been prepared for operation — fully equipped with mobile diesel generators, ready to get down to work “on wheels”.

During the weekend of December 3-4, IDGC of Centre assigned responsible officials on duty around the clock. In case of emergency situations 90 mobile emergency repair crews totaling 506 people were involved. 50 operators of the Contact Center of IDGC of Centre operated the 24/7 free Direct Power Hot Line at 8800 50 50 115. For faster call routing the Direct Power Hot Line was added with an extension line at 1355.

Thanks to these measures all power facilities in the service area of IDGC of Centre operated steadily.

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