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Participants in the Yaroslavl Energy Forum learned the projects of IDGC of Centre in the area of innovation and energy saving

13 October 2011

Advisor to General Director of IDGC of Centre, General Director of JSC “Energy Service Company” Mark Slonimsky, presented the innovative and energy efficient projects of IDGC of Centre at the II Yaroslavl Energy Forum. In his speech, he stressed out that the key areas of the company’s policy on innovation and efficiency are the implementation of technological innovations in the core operating activities, the creation of specialized innovative units in the structure of the company, development and expansion of energy service activities as an independent business unit.

At the moment IDGC of Centre is actively implementing modern innovative equipment. In 0.4 and 10 kV grid voltage boosters are installed, which stabilize voltages. To increase the stability of 10 kV lines, especially when icing and snow build-up, multi-faceted metal poles are used. IDGC of Centre is continuing its work on improving the management system, in the first place, operational and technological management of the energy facilities: there is a pilot implementation of Automated Distribution Management System (DMS system) and Outage Management System (OMS system), which make it possible to increase the observability of energy facilities.

Particular attention in the innovative development of IDGC of Centre is paid to the implementation of the project “Smart City — Smart Grids”, which is executed in the framework of the state program of energy saving and energy efficiency. Important components of the project are the newest system of street lighting and smart metering. “Developments of power engineers of IDGC Center are also used extensively in the Yaroslavl region — said Mark Slonimsky. — At present, a project that is associated with reduction in electrical energy consumption in the area of street lighting of the city of Yaroslavl is being implemented, as well as projects related to small generation. If the region shows interest, we are willing to invest our own funds into development of municipal utilities”.

In accordance with the Innovative Development Program of IDGC of Centre until 2016, the chosen direction of IDGC Holding for the integration of business, science, government and society, in all regions where the company operates a network of youth innovation center (YIC) is being created. With this structure, the company intends to meet the challenges of attracting talented young people to work in the power engineering sector, promoting innovative projects of young scientists and specialists and developing the engineers training system. Such a youth center is already functioning in the city of Belgorod. A similar YIC and online marketplace “Exchange of innovations” is to be also set up on the basis of Yaroslavl JSC “Center of Innovation and Efficiency”.

Mark Slonimsky also spoke about energy service activities of IDGC of Centre, which is implemented on the basis of JSC “Energy Service Company”. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of IDGC of Centre, incorporated in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors. Its tasks include the development and implementation of projects in the field of small generation, financial engineering of energy efficient projects, the implementation of energy conservation measures for street lighting (design, installation and commissioning of equipment), organizing and conducting energy audits. The incorporation of JSC “Energy Service Company” is intended to be another step toward improving operational efficiency and expanding the business of IDGC of Centre.

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