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Majot tecjnical heads of IDGC of Centre summed up the work in the 1st half-year

27 August 2010

Sergey Shumakher, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy of IDGC of Centre, emphasized that primary objectives of the Technical council are summing up the Company’s production activities for the 1st half-year, consideration and analysis of applying new technical decisions in the process of construction of up-to-date power grids. Technical decisions aimed at change of the very ideology of grid construction will be taken following the results of the work. “We should construct grids on the basis of the most up-to-date technical decisions. This is both advanced constructive decisions and optimum grid construction schemes. The grid should be with increased transmission capacity and minimum losses, work reliably and provide customers with quality services”, — Sergey Shumakher noted.

Increase of power facilities operation efficiency and results of implementation of a number of the target programs, prevention of power injury cases at the Company’s power facilities, issues of reliable and stable power supply to consumers are in the centre of attention as well.

Dmitry Pankov, Director for Operation and Repairs of IDGC of Centre, told about implementation of the repair program and preparation of the power grid complex to the maximum load period of 2010—2011. He noted that quality preparation of power equipment would allow passing this period without failures and disturbances. Transfer of all Grid control centres of IDGC of Centre divisions to the two-level management system, formation of the repair program based on technical state of equipment and analysis of production activities in SAP R/3 system are among the primary objectives for 2011. In this connection the greater attention should be paid to implementation of power equipment diagnostics programs and timely and strict database filling. “One hundred percent reliability of information on all units of equipment will allow reducing the risks connected with failures in its work to the minimum”, — Dmitry Pankov emphasized.

Elena Kalinina, Head of Service for Production Control and Labor Protection of the Company, summed up IDGC of Centre’s work in the field of labor protection. She told about complete procurement of personnel with overall and protective equipment, systematization of approaches in the field of labor protection as well as implementation of the target programs aimed at personnel and outside person power injury prevention. “Awareness and compliance with all power safety requirements and rules can prevent accidents. And if the Company is responsible for safety work of power engineers, so we rely on assistance of regional authorities when working with population”, — Elena Kalinina explained.

Practical part of the council work will be devoted to study of IDGC of Centre division – “Belgorodenergo” experience in terms of construction of the two-level management structure and visiting up-to-date power facilities of the Company. Participant of the meeting will visit the substations of 110 kv “Mayskaya” and “Krapivenskaya” that have been recently constructed, get to know operation of the Grid control centre, Client Servicing Centre and Contact-centre 8-800-50-50-115. Ending the visit to Belgorod region guests will visit the historical-cultural open-air museum “Prokhorovskoe pole”, where they will lay flowers to the memorial “Zvonnitsa” that has been erected in the memory of the Kursk battle participants, who did not returned.

For reference:
The meeting of the Technical council of IDGC of Centre is held twice per year on the basis of one of the Company’s divisions. The coordinated policy of 11 regions of the country that influences on construction and implementation of the efficient model of the technologic complex management is developed at the meetings.

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