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IDGC of Centre implemented investment program 2009 on introduced capacity excessively more than by 50 percent

1 March 2010

Overfulfillment of planned indicators of the investment program was achieved due to realization of cost saving program, implementation of new modern approaches to labour organization, focusing at the most effective projects and completion of construction of a number of large facilities in regions including transfer of three branches to the method of RAB-tariff regulation. Besides, IDGC of Centre held active work concerning revision of contracts with suppliers of equipment, contractors, building and transport organizations to get the most competitive conditions.

Evgeny Makarov, General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC remarked: “Passed year appeared to be difficult for all industries of economy including power engineering. IDGC of Centre is to fulfill investment liabilities which implementation of programs of renewal and development of power grid complex of the country, involvement of new investors, development of regions and business, comfort of clients directly depend on in full as this is the most important target under conditions of financial and economic crisis. It was necessary to find out mechanisms allowing to optimize costs but not to reduce quality and work speed by this for successful implementation of planned projects. We took advantage of the situation in the market and successfully faced assumed liabilities, having created basis for future stable development".

Year 2009 was significant. For the first time in history of IDGC of Centre three large modern substations of 110 kv voltage were put in operation for one year: in Belgorod  — “Maiskaya” (project cost is 363 million rubles), in Kostroma  — “Davydovskaya” (353 million rubles), the first stage of SS “Universitetskaya” in Lipetsk (297,3 million rubles). All substations were constructed using advanced power saving technologies and modern equipment. Construction and introduction of substations demonstrate innovative approach of the Company to the development and modernization of existing grid complex of electric power industry. 

Construction and modernization of substations and power transmission lines, installation and replacement of transformers for elimination of power shortfall of main substations, construction and technical re-equipment  of power facilities within the frameworks on technological connection were the principal directions of the Company investment program.

Key objects of investment program 2009:

  • In Belgorod region large-scale reconstruction of 0,4—10 kv power transmission lines (PTL) was made (406,2 million rubles), SS-110 kv “Alekseevka” was reconstructed (109,7 million rubles), for the purpose of retail market automated information and measuring system of commercial energy metering  was equipped (168  million rubles), regarding technological connection PTL-0,4—10 kv and TS-10/0,4 kv were constructed (397,7 million rubles).
  • In Bryanskenergo significant volume of construction and assembly work under contracts of technological connection of consumers was carried out. Besides, reconstruction of the first stage of SS-110 kv “Sovetskaya” which amounted to 257 million rubles was completed in the branch.
  • In Voronezhenergo 110 kv overhead transmission lines (OHL) No. 9, 10 (water storage crossing) were reconstructed amounting to 11,9 million rubles, 110 kv cable line from SS-110 kv No. 45 “Kalininskaya” up to SS-35 kv No. 10 was constructed amounting to 103,7 million rubles, technical re-equipment of SS-35 kv No. 10 with transfer to 110 kv voltage was carried out (231,5 million rubles).
  • In Kostromaenergo construction of PTL-0,4—10 kv for performance of technological connection in localities of Kostroma region was carried out amounting to 75 million rubles.
  • Significant objects of the investment program of Kurskenergo were as follows: construction of SS-110 kv “Rodniki” with production of taps from OHL-110 kv  “TPP-1 — Sadovaya” 1,2 up to SS-110 kv “Rodniki” amounting to 50,4 million rubles, reconstruction of high-voltage PTL-0,4—10 kv in Kursk region (75,9 million rubles).
  • In Lipetsk construction of the first stage of SS-110 kv “Manezhnaya” with laying of cable line of 110 kv was carried out amounting to 153,9 million rubles.
  • In Orelenergo works on completion of the first stage of reconstruction of SS-110 kv “Zapadnaya” were carried out amounting to 146 million rubles. On the 3rd of February 2010 ceremonial starting up of the first stage of substation which supplies social facilities, communal facilities and residential houses of Zavodskoy and Zheleznodorozhny districts of Orel with electric power took place. Large industrial and building enterprises use one third of substation capacities.
  • In Smolenskenergo SS-110 kv “Roslavl” and 0,4—10 kv overhead transmission lines in Smolensk region were reconstructed amounting to 88,7 million rubles, re-laying of line for power supply of “Sitall”, JSC was carried out (13,2 million rubles).
  • In 2009 power engineers  of Tambovenergo replaced transformer Т-1 16 MVA by Т-1 40 MVA at the substation of 110 kv No. 8, reconstructed 6 KV closed distribution device amounting to 33 million rubles, replaced transformer and reconstructed 110 kv open distribution device at the SS-110 kv “Novolyadinskaya” amounting to 18,4 million rubles.
  • In Tver region high-voltage PTL-6—10 kv amounting to 90 million rubles, section of network of 110 kv from SS-110 kv “Lazurnaya” up to SS-110 kv “Proletarskaya” amounting to 26,5 million rubles,  OHL-0,4 kv (74,7 million rubles) were reconstructed.
  • The largest facility of Yarenergo was construction of SS-110 kv “Kotorosl” with 2х25 MVA transformers with perspective of installation of 2х40 MVA transformers. 93,5 million rubles were spent for the project . Power transmission lines for socially significant facilities of the administration of Yaroslavl region were constructed amounting to 26,3 million rubles, technical re-equipment of SS-110 kv “Volzhskaya” was carried out amounting to 20 million rubles.

In 2010 IDGC of Centre is planning to spend more than 10 billion rubles for implementation of investment program. The most large-scale investment programs are planned in Belgorodenergo and Lipetskenergo (more than 1,8 billion rubles each) and  Tverenergo (1,2 billion rubles). The Company intends to attract 2,7 billion rubles of credit bank resources in current year for successful implementation of program of investment construction and reconstruction of power grid complex.

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