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Auditor of the Company for 2015

June 25, 2015 the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approved RSM RUS as the Company’s auditor in 2015.

RSM RUS will audit the annual accounting statements under RAS and annual consolidated financial statements under IFRS for 2015.

Full trade name (or full name of an individual auditor): RSM RUS
Primary State Registration Number: # 1027700257540,
date of record entered 27.09.2002, series 77
# 005424578, issued by Ministry for Taxes and Levies of the RF
TIN/ RRC 7722020834/ 772901001
RNCBO 17409093
OKVED 74.12.2
Legal address: 4 Pudovkina street, Moscow 119285, Russia
Postal address: 4 Pudovkina street, Moscow 119285, Russia
Telephone: +7 (495) 363-28-48
Fax: +7 (495) 981-41-21
E-mail address,
Auditor’s Website
Membership in a self-regulatory organization of Auditors

Membership certificate # 6938, issued in accordance with the resolution of NP AAC, in self-regulatory organization Not-for-Profit Partnership "Auditing Association Sodruzhestvo"

The auditor’s nomination was proposed by the Audit Committee and tentatively reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors of the Company. Nomination of the Auditor of the Company is determined through competitive selection.

RSM RUS is among the leaders in the Russian market of audit and consulting services and has been successfully working since 1992.

Professional responsibility of RSM RUS is insured by a Russian insurance company, Limited Liability Company "National Insurance House".

There is no affiliation of the auditor with the Company’s staff and management.

IDGC of Centre has no business relations (participation in promotion of products (services), joint ventures, etc.), contracts for services unrelated to the audit, as well as kinship with officials of RSM RUS.

The auditor does not render the Company non-audit services.