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Igor Makovskiy assessed the implementation of measures to consolidate power grid facilities

14 May 2024

In Moscow, under the leadership of the head of Rosseti Centre, Igor Makovskiy, a meeting was held with branch directors on the results of activities for the first quarter of this year.

Particular attention was paid to the issues of consolidation of electric grid assets in order to unconditionally achieve the set objectives, road maps with an individual set of activities, approaches and strategies were developed and approved for each region.

Igor Makovskiy drew attention to the fact that the process of creating unified systemically important TGOs has been brought to the state level and will soon receive legislative status - a draft of the corresponding document has been submitted for consideration to the State Duma.

4 branches demonstrated high results by implementing major consolidation transactions, as a result of which enterprises in the Tula, Kursk, Smolensk regions and the Republic of Mari El were included in the responsibility of the energy company.

Reports were also heard from the branch heads of Voronezhenergo Vyacheslav Antonov, Nizhnovenergo Dmitry Fedorov, Ryazanenergo Alexander Zvyagintsev, Ivenergo Andrey Ukhtin and Yarenergo Oleg Batalov. In these regions, additional efforts are needed to build an open and constructive dialogue with representatives of TGOs, to create prerequisites and conditions for the implementation of the state strategy for consolidation.

“The task of our team is to form a single centre of responsibility for ensuring reliable and high-quality energy supply to consumers and efficient technological infrastructure. We have all the resources, competencies and skills necessary for this, we already have successfully implemented projects in the regions of responsibility, for example, the Shchekino city power grid team recently joined us”, noted Igor Makovskiy.

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