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Rosseti Centre considered the possibility of implementing Russian wireless solutions for automation of control and electricity metering

16 March 2023 A demonstration of the latest developments of “Telematics Solutions” took place at the Main Analytical Centre of Rosseti Centre, PJSC in Moscow. “WAVIoT” systems are intended for development of a wireless technological network and installation of communication channels in automated systems.

Modern technologies implemented by Rosseti Centre, PJSC for electricity metering, including losses, require the use of communication channels that can cope with the ever-growing volume of data transfer. It is these standards that are used in the systems presented by the partners.

On behalf of Igor Makovskiy, General Director of the energy company, the Company’s specialists will evaluate the possibility of implementing wireless data transmission technologies in order to simultaneously achieve high performance in terms of such parameters as range, energy efficiency and speed of their transmission.

“We actively use and implement new software products based on domestic developments. An important part of this work concerns metering systems. Wireless solutions for automating the control and metering of electricity will allow us to take a big step towards achieving one of the main strategic goals - reducing losses to the level of technical ones, and, ultimately, to ensure reliable power supply to our consumers,” stressed Igor Makovskiy.

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