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Igor Makovskiy set the task to use backup power supply sources as soon as possible in cases of emergency outage of settlements

14 January 2021

⁠Igor Makovskiy conducted the Headquarters of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region on the readiness of the power grid complex of 20 regions of the companies’ service area for adverse weather conditions.

At the moment, a high alert mode due to abnormally low temperatures has been introduced in the branches of Vladimirenergo, Ivenergo, Kostromaenergo, Kirovenergo, Nizhnovenergo, Tverenergo and Yarenergo. In addition, due to the snow cyclone, the high alert mode was announced in Kurskenergo, Voronezhenergo and Belgorodenergo. The power engineers were mobilized in advance. 1,365 crews, 4,356 people and 1,811 vehicles are on duty.

General Director of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region instructed the directors of the branches to analyze the availability of mobile diesel generator sets and to use them as much as possible to ensure the power supply of cities and towns during emergency recovery operations.

The head of the energy companies tasked the directors of the branches to closely monitor the changes in weather conditions and the situation in the regions, giving instructions to prevent massive blackouts.

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