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Governor of the Lipetsk Region Igor Artamonov and Head of Rosseti Centre Igor Makovskiy held a working meeting

14 December 2019

The main topic of the meeting was the discussion of the progress in ensuring reliable and uninterrupted energy supply of the region during the period of maximum loads, as well as on the coming weekend and New Year holidays. The meeting participants focused on the further development of the electric grid complex of the Lipetsk region and the implementation of all activities under the previously concluded Agreement between the electric grid company and the region’s leadership. Head of the region and General Director of Rosseti Centre also discussed the further implementation of the “Digital Transformation Concept” and confirmed their readiness for long-term cooperation in the framework of previous agreements.

“The primary goal of the power engineers remains to further increase the reliability of the electric grid complex and its advanced development in order to satisfy the needs of the growing economy of the region in new capacity. In addition, we are implementing the optimal model for managing the grid complex, modernizing grids and applying new technologies, which will reduce the time and cost of connecting to the grid, as well as provide control over the work and management of the entire technological chain from power centres to end consumers,” stressed Igor Makovskiy following the meeting.

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