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Rosseti Centre installed the first electric energy storage device in the Central Federal District in the Belgorod region

2 December 2019

Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo implemented the first project in the Central Federal District to introduce an electric power storage system in 0.4 kV electric grids of Belgorod. The innovative storage system with a capacity of 10 kW and a nominal energy consumption of 53.28 kWh was installed as part of the reconstruction of 0.4 kV overhead section No. 2 from transformer substation 980 of the 110 kV substation “Zapadnaya” in the densely populated micro-district of individual residential development “Yugo-Zapadny”.

The implementation of the new equipment will provide a standard level of voltage in the peak periods of consumption, reduce undersupply and electric energy losses. “The storage system’s operating cycle has been developed and programmed on the basis of daily electricity consumption schedules,” said Pavel Kosov, the head of the technological development department. “At night, when people are resting, the device will accumulate energy, so that in the evening peak loads in the grid, from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., give it to consumers. In addition, the drive monitors the voltage level and adjusts the power output separately for each phase.”

The innovative electric energy storage system is implemented on the basis of a modern lithium-ion battery equipped with a semiconductor converter that acts as a charger and inverter when power is supplied, as well as automatic control and electricity metering systems, and an overload protection device. Simple and reliable telemechanics and communication equipment provides data to the Grid Control Centre about the presence or absence of voltage in the grid, the level of battery charge and other operating parameters of the equipment. The device is remotely switched on and off.

According to experts, the use of the storage system in close proximity to the consumer will significantly reduce the load on the power grid equipment, eliminate the grid congestion mode, and improve the quality and reliability of power supply to residents of the micro-district. This technology is well developed and widely used in various installations - from household appliances to electric vehicles. Its use in the energy sector will make electric energy stored and portable, and will remove the need for strict simultaneity of the processes of its generation and consumption.

The installation of the electric energy storage device during the reconstruction of 0.4 kV power grid facilities was carried out for the first time in the framework of the digital transformation program for the region’s power grid complex. To implement the pilot project the companies “Rosseti Centre” and “Rosseti Centre and Volga Region” selected two options for the use of this technology, one of which was based on Belgorodenergo. Its purpose is to analyze the appropriateness of using electric energy storage systems in a peak load mode on 0.4 kV long feeders to maintain the quality of electricity and reduce losses.

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