Pavel Livinsky and Alexander Brechalov summed up the consolidation of power grids of the Udmurt Republic

7 June 2019

During the second day of SPIEF-2019, Pavel Livinsky, Director General of Rosseti, and Alexander Brechalov, Head of the Udmurt Republic, discussed the issues of consolidation of the Udmurtia power grid complex in the framework of a working meeting.

In 2018, in the course of the joint work of the Government of the Udmurt Republic and Rosseti’s Group, the asset was consolidated - JSC Izhevsk Electric Grids (JSC IEG), and today, on 7 June 2019, the Board of Directors of Rosseti’s subsidiary - Rosseti Centre and Volga Region - approved the transaction on the acquisition of the property of the municipal enterprise “Votkinsk City Electric Grids” (VCEG).

“Consolidation of the power grid of Udmurtia in aggregate affects the interests and solves the issues of all parties: the region, the company and the end customer. Last year, the sale of the entire property complex of JSC Izhevsk Electric Grids to Rosseti Centre and Volga Region became the largest transaction in the country’s regional privatization market, brought 3 billion rubles to the budget of Udmurtia, a 40% increase in tax revenues. For the power grid companies, the process brings an increase in operating efficiency and, as a rule, a reduction in operating expenses by 60 million rubles a year. For the end customer - improving the reliability of electricity supply and quality of service through the development of interactive services,” stressed Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov.

“Cooperation with the Udmurt Republic in terms of consolidation is exemplary - with the signing of the agreement on the acquisition of power grids in Votkinsk, we collected on our balance all 100% of the state-owned grid assets. For the consumer, this means that, firstly, the tariff excludes duplicated expenses for the maintenance and management of grid infrastructure, and, secondly, one of the global leaders in reliability, Rosseti, is now responsible for the quality and reliability of power supply,” Pavel Livinsky commented on the agreement signing.

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