On the fifth anniversary of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, Vladimir Putin gave the command to commission the key facility of “ROSSETI” in the Krasnodar Territory

18 March 2019

On the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Agreement on the Adoption of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in a video-conference mode solemnly commissioned the 220 kV substation “Port”, a strategically important facility for the Krasnodar Territory in terms of developing the region’s investment potential.

The launch button at the command of the head of the state was pressed by Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of ROSSETI.

The substation will provide railway traction of the Crimean Bridge, will feed the dry cargo part of the Taman sea port, as well as highways, in particular, the M25 Novorossiysk-Kerch Strait highway. The “Port” substation will also provide power to industrial facilities under construction on the Taman Peninsula.

“The “Port” substation, which has become a key power facility constructed during the creation of the newest electric grid complex on the Taman Peninsula, provides 432 MVA of available transformer capacity. The facility is part of the digital power grid complex of Russia being constructed by ROSSETI’s Group,” stressed Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of the company.

The substation “Port” has no analogues throughout the south of Russia in its technical characteristics. Using advanced technologies, the power facility can be remotely controlled online, which ensures its highest reliability and reduces operating costs.

In addition to the “Port” substation, ROSSETI’s Group laid almost 200 km of power lines, the construction of which also used modern materials that make power facilities independent of any weather phenomena.

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