Power engineers of IDGC of Centre and IDGC of Centre and Volga Region urge citizens to observe the rules of electrical safety during the winter holidays

5 January 2019

During the long winter holidays IDGC of Centre - the managing organization of IDGC of Centre and Volga Region urges citizens to pay special attention to the importance of observing electrical safety rules when handling electrical appliances, as well as near power facilities. 

The electric grid company systematically conducts work to prevent electrical injuries at power facilities: experts check the availability of locks, the integrity of fences, equip power facilities with alarms, triggered by an attempt to trespass into premises with equipment under voltage. 

It is equally important that every citizen understands the responsibility and consequences of an unreasonable or illegal act.

So, to spend the New Year’s days and winter holidays not to be darkened by a tragedy, it is necessary to follow simple electrical safety rules and teach them to your children:

1. Do not overload the power supply, including several electrical appliances in one outlet.

2. Use only serviceable electric strings of lights and electrical appliances.

3. It is fatally dangerous to use salutes and crackers under power lines of any voltage class. Your actions can lead to outages or damage to the power line, as well as cause electrical injuries. Remember: a broken wire or tinsel hanging from a wire can cause serious electrical injuries.

4. Do not arrange snow slides and ice-skating rinks near power facilities. For sports and outdoor games, choose a place remote from the power line. You must not play near transformer substations (booths) and get inside! Remember: the approach of a person, sports equipment to power lines at an unacceptable distance, and a collision with them can even lead to severe burns, paralysis of vital organs, death.

5. The safe distance to a broken wire is 8-10 metres. Getting closer, a person is in mortal danger. It is necessary to leave the danger zone of “step voltage” with a special step, without taking your feet off the ground.

6. It is mortally dangerous to be photographed (do a selfie) near power facilities. It is forbidden to climb power line poles and stand next to electrical equipment using a selfie stick (monopod). Electricity can kill in the absence of human contact with the wire, it is enough to raise the monopod above you.

7. It is dangerous to open electric switchboards in staircases and lead-in power panels in buildings!

Do not be indifferent! During the holidays, children are more often left alone, they have more free time for walking and playing outside, and adults become less vigilant. If you see broken and sparking wires, damage to insulators, defective locks of transformer substations and electrical panels, immediately inform the power company. Call also if you have witnessed an offense. Any illegal actions on the territory of power facilities and in the protection zone of power lines lead to administrative or criminal penalties.

The power engineers remind: citizens may call the Contact Centres via the direct phone lines regarding electricity supply issues:

Заявки принимаются круглосуточно.

Also, on issues related to electricity supply, you can contact the portal of PJSC ROSSETI “Light Country”. Problem reports are processed centrally, in the unified Moderation Service of PJSC ROSSETI.

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