General Director of IDGC of Centre Igor Makovskiy had a working visit to the Tver branch of the company

20 September 2018

The main purpose of the visit was to check the readiness of Tverenergo to conduct the Exercises of SDCs of PJSC Rosseti for organizing interaction and eliminating mass interruptions at power grid facilities in the Tver region.

The working day of the company’s general director in the region began with flying around the territories, where the company’s personnel are preparing for the unprecedented exercises of power engineers of PJSC Rosseti in the power grid complex of the Upper Volga Region. Please, be reminded that the Exercises will begin on 22 September and will last three months. Igor Makovskiy appreciated the high readiness of the staff to participate, as he said about it during the meeting of the Headquarters of IDGC of Centre - the managing organization of IDGC of Centre and Volga Region. In the course of the forthcoming Exercises, employees of 19 branches of the companies will have to clear more than 6.5 thousand hectares of ROWs, expand 1 thousand hectares and replace 530 km of bare uninsulated wire with self-supporting insulated one. It is expected that as a result of these measures, the reliability of power supply to consumers in the Tver region will be significantly improved by decreasing the time for eliminating mass outages (by 2 times) and reducing the failure rate in power grids of Tverenergo by 30%.

During the visit the head of the company also went to the main office of IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division, where the acting manager Manvel Mazhonts reported on the current situation in the service area of the branch. The power grid complex of the Tver region is characterized by a large length and high degree of forested ROWs, coupled with their low density and weak loading, associated primarily with the lack of large industrial consumers. Since the beginning of 2018, 3,877 grid connection agreements have been concluded between the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre and consumers (88% of them with individuals). The timing of the execution of a part of them turned out to be overdue, including through the fault of consumers, who for their part do not fulfill the terms of the agreements. Manvel Mazhontz explained that at present the possibility of legal influence on such consumers is being worked through by judicial recovery of losses incurred by the electric grid company.

At the Grid Control Centre (GCC), General Director was shown the operation of an automated system for recording mass outages (SUMO), which IDGC Centre’s experts developed and implemented on their own. In real time, technical specialists connected the operator to the contact centre of the company, who commented on the procedure for creating calls in the SUMO. The system implies collective display of information, is an information map of technological violations in the grid complex of IDGC of Centre and IDGC of Centre and Volga Region with the display of actual data on disconnected equipment. All information is visualized in the existing boundaries of the regions and includes: the number of de-energized population, de-energized transformer substations, emergency-disconnected power lines, and the number of working crews.

At the end of the working trip Igor Makovskiy visited the Customer Service Centre. During the report, the head of the Centre drew the attention of the head to the fact that up to 40% of consumers’ calls are now received through the personal account. The head of the company noted that it is necessary to further develop this direction, which will make IDGC of Centre’s services even more convenient for consumers.

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