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IDGC of Centre started the implementation of the main activities of the repair program

20 May 2016

IDGC of Centre started the implementation of the main activities of the repair program - one of the key components of the preparation for the season of autumn-winter peak loads. They start in the second half of spring, at the end of the regular heating season, when it is possible to decommission equipment that needs repair, and completes by early October. The bulk of the work is in the summer.

According to the plan, during the year IDGC of Centre will perform comprehensive repair of 185 35-110 kV substations, overhaul of 4,519 transformer substations and about 16,500 km of overhead lines of 0.4-110 kV. 11,300 hectares of ROWs along overhead lines of 0.4-110 kV will be cleared from woody and bushy vegetation.

The largest number of substations of 35-110 kV, according to the plan, will be repaired in the branches of Belgorodenergo (29), Smolenskenergo and Tverenergo (27 each). The largest volume of overhaul of 0.4-110 kV overhead lines is planned in Kurskenergo (2.57 thous. km will be repaired), Smolenskenergo (2.37 thous. km), Belgorodenergo (2.26 thous. km).

Among the large and important facilities, at which this year the comprehensive overhaul will be conducted are the 110/10 KV Substations "Poultry" and "North" in the Belgorod region, "Polpinskaya" and "Lopandino" in the Bryansk region, "Progress" and "Compressor" in the Kursk region, "Yartsevo-1" in the Smolensk region; the 110/35/10 kV Substations "South" in the Kostroma region, "Komsomolskaya" and "Algasovskaya" in the Tambov region; the 110/6 kV Substations "Energoremont" in the Bryansk region, "North" and "West" in the Yaroslavl region; the Tver 110/35/10 kV Substation Red Hill and the 110/10 kV Substation "NPS Torzhok".

The Substation "Poultry" supplies electricity to the Poultry Processing Plant "Prioskolie" and sites for fattening birds in Novy Oskol of the Belgorod region. Here the work has already been completed. The Substation "Severnaya" is the main power centre for the international airport "Belgorod", the industrial park "North" and the bakery "Golden Spike". The power centre "Polpinskaya" feeds the "Bryansk factory of steel structures and technological equipment", which produces equipment for the needs of the oil and gas industry, the Substation "Lopandino" - Lopandinsky Sugar Factory. One of the biggest consumers of the Substation "Energoremont" is the plant "Turboremont", specializing in the manufacture of spare parts and repair of components of gas compressor units for the needs of PJSC "Gazprom".

The Kursk Substations "Progress" and "Compressor" provide electricity to equipment of gas compressor stations of main gas pipelines, feeding "blue fuel" in neighbouring Belgorod, Orel and Bryansk regions, as well as through Ukraine to Western Europe. The Smolensk Substation "Yartsevo-1" supplies electricity to PJSC "Yartsevo foundry" and one of the largest enterprises in the domestic textile industry - Yartsevo Cotton Mill.

The Substation "South" is the main centre of power for consumers of Zavolzhsky district of the city of Kostroma, the Substations "Komsomolskaya" and "Algasovskaya" supply power to a total of 124 settlements of the Tambov region, where more than 30 thousand people reside. The Substation "Northern" is one of the main centres of power of Yaroslavl, and "Western" - for Rybinsk, the second largest city of the Yaroslavl region. The Tver Substation "Red Hill" is the regional transit of electricity with the neighbouring Yaroslavl region, and the centre of power "NPS Torzhok" feeds an oil pumping station for transit of oil products through the territory of Russia.

The repair program in 2016 also provides for comprehensive overhaul of key overhead lines for regional power systems in the branches of "Orelenergo", "Tambovenergo" and "Tverenergo". In the Orel region the work will be performed on the 110 kV overhead lines "Mtsensk-Bolkhov-1", providing electricity to Bolkhovsky district, where there are the main agricultural and livestock enterprises in the region, and "Livny - Upper II", which transit electricity between the Orel and Livny power centres. Power engineers of the Tambov branch of IDGC of Centre will repair the line "Tambov CHP - Tambov №4 II circuit" and "Shakhovskaya 1" connecting generating facilities and Federal Grid Company. In the Tver region the repair of 106.9 km of 110 kV overhead lines is scheduled, providing energy to the passing through the territory of the region section of the October Railway.

The implementation of the repair program of IDGC of Centre will allow to improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply in 11 subjects of Central Federal District, and will greatly contribute to the smooth and stable operation of power grid facilities in these regions during the autumn-winter peak loads.

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