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With the support of IDGC of Centre the qualifying stage of the Engineering Сhampionship Case-In passed in Belgorod

19 May 2016

The Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov hosted the qualifying round of the Electric Power Industry League of the International Engineering Championship solving engineering cases "Case-In", organized with the support of IDGC of Centre. The ticket to the finals, which will be held in late May in Moscow, was won by students of the Tver State Technical University, who presented the most effective way to solve the case.

The Championship "Case-In" has been held for the fourth consecutive year in the framework of an action plan aimed at promoting blue-collar and engineering occupations. This year more than three thousand future engineers from 37 universities of the country are taking part in it, including teams of specialized partner universities of IDGC of Centre, each - consisting of 3-4 members of students’ construction crews in 2016.

In the qualifying stage all the teams had to offer and justify the most effective schemes of power supply of a small settlement of the Trans-Baikal region remote from centralized power supply in view of the planned increase in power consumption with construction of a new wood processing enterprise. The solution should be not only reliable, but also rational as, ultimately, the cost of electricity depends on it.

A member of the expert commission, Deputy Chief Engineer for Operations of IDGC of Centre Anton Gerasimov is sure that the solution of these very specific problems, the technical data of which are based on real terms, is of great importance both for the company and for the industry as a whole. "The electric power industry over the past years changed dramatically, equipment and technology got advanced, which means that it needs talented and promising professionals, who are able to think, to search and to offer the right solutions," he stressed.

Head of the Department of Higher Education and Science, Vocational Education of the Belgorod region Natalia Shapovalova stressed that the young people from the first year have to see what they will have to deal with after graduation, and to acquire the necessary practical skills. And, of course, the employer can point to a number of competencies, the development of which, in her opinion, especially is in demand today.

According to Natalia Shapovalova, the young people, who have demonstrated a worthy level of knowledge, will be included in the collection of the best graduates, which annually comes to the table of the most promising employers in the region.

According to the decision of the expert commission, composed of representatives of IDGC of Centre and leading professors of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, the solution of the team "69 volts" of the Tver State Technical University was recognized the best engineering solution. The young people will go to the finals in Moscow, where they will compete for the status of the best engineering students’ teams in Russia. And the winners of the final will take part in the biggest event for young employees of the electricity sector - the Interregional summer educational program "Energy of Youth", as well as get suggestions on practical training and internships in the industry’s leading companies.

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