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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre are thanked for assistance to eliminate the consequences of bad weather in the Rostov region

9 October 2014

General Director of IDGC of South Boris Ebzeev thanked staff of IDGC of Centre for the assistance in the aftermath of a natural disaster and the restoration of electricity supply in the southern and south-western districts of the Rostov region.

24 - 25 September in the South of Russia there was a hurricane, which caused torrential rains and wind gusts. As a result, only in the Rostov region more than 300 thousand people had no light.

In the territory affected by the bad weather 11 first responding crews of IDGC of Centre arrived to help colleagues consisting of 64 people and 22 special purpose vehicles from four branches of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo, Voronezhenergo, Kurskenergo and Lipezkenergo. The power engineers of Central Russia took part in the repair and restoration work in Aksai, Azov and Taganrog of the Rostov region. Despite difficult weather conditions, the work was done around the clock. First of all electricity was restored to social facilities: kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

Clear and well-coordinated work of specialists of IDGC of Centre helped in the end as soon as possible to eliminate in districts of their area of responsibility the large-scale effects of the hurricane and torrential rains and provide consumers with electricity. "Each of them with their high level of professionalism and selfless work made an invaluable contribution to this," said Head of IDGC of South in his Letter of thanks.

Employees of IDGC of Centre have repeatedly helped colleagues from neighbouring regions to restore the interrupted power supply as a result of climatic anomalies. So, in January 2014, 10 crews of three branches of the company, Belgorodenergo, Kurskenergo and Voronezhenergo, participated in the first responding and restoration operations in the Krasnodar region, where due to freezing rain residents of a number of areas had no light. For their hard work and great personal contribution to the disaster relief representatives of IDGC of Centre then were awarded honorary diplomas of a subsidiary of JSC "Russian Grids" - "Kubanenergo". And the leaders of the municipalities, where they worked, sent their Letters of thanks to the branches.

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