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The results of the photo contest "In the lens - 10 years of IDGC of Centre"

10 September 2014

IDGC of Centre summed up the contest of photos, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the founding of the company. Totally 293 employees from 11 branches participated in the competition. All together, members of the contest committee had to evaluate 450 original photographs.

The photo contest was held in five categories: "Energy of creation", "Energetic People", "My Energy", "Energy to overcome" and "Energy landscape". The main criteria for determining the winners traditionally was the subject (nomination) line, originality and quality of work.

In the category "Energy of creation" the first place was awarded to the Chair of the primary trade union organization of Bryanskenergo Yulia Ermakova for her photo "Working at height". Second and third place was taken by the head of department of capital construction of Kurskenergo Gennady Khardikov and Deputy Chief Engineer - Head of Production Asset Management Centre of Kostromaenergo Andrey Meluzov.

In the category "Energetic People" the first place was taken by a student of the Kostroma Energy College named after F.V. Chizhov Yulia Rybnikova with her photo "There will be a garden city!". Second and third place was awarded to a security specialist of Kostromaenergo Nikolay Podgornov and a resident of Yaroslavl Natalia Borodina.

In the category "My Energy" the winner was a specialist of the department for interaction with market participants for electricity delivery of Belgorodenergo Kristina Kozhemyakina with her photograph "Younger generation". Second and third place was taken by the wife of an employee of Bryanskenergo Daria Portnova and Head of Public Relations of Kurskenergo Vasily Zglavutsa.

In the category "Energy to overcome" the winner was a crew foreman for overhead lines operation of Yaroslavlsky Distribution Zone of Yarenergo Vyacheslav Kozlov with his work "Night and day we are willing to give people the light through the wind, snow and frost". Second and third place was taken by an electrician of Kostromsky Distribution Zone of Kostromaenergo Valery Smirnov and Chief Engineer of Rybinsky Distribution Zone of Yarenergo Sergey Zhukov.

In the category "Energy landscape" the winner was the head of the distribution grids of Lipetskenergo Sergey Russkikh. Second and third place was taken by the 1st category engineer for power lines service of Smolenskenergo Alexander Oreshenko and Deputy Head of operational and technology services of Orelenergo Igor Pechkarev.

A special prize, provided for a branch of IDGC of Centre, which most actively participated in the photo contest "In the lens - 10 years of IDGC of Centre" and took the greatest number of prizes, was awarded to Kostromaenrgo.

Awarding of the winners with prizes to remember will take place until 30 September 2014.

The works of the winners can be found here.

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