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At a youth gathering of IDGC of Centre personnel reserve of the company was taught the art of team management

10 September 2014

The Forum of Young Professionals of IDGC of Centre, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the company, was held in Belgorod. It was attended by 98 employees from eleven branches. The Forum, which has become a tradition, this year was held under the motto "I am a young leader". For two days in an informal setting and under some creative methodology the participants learned the art to lead the workforce.

This event, according to organizers, was training for the personnel reserve of the company. Currently IDGC of Centre employs over seven thousand young people, representing 29% of the total staff, some of them came to study in Belgorod.

Chief Specialist of Human Resources Office of IDGC of Centre, Chairman of the Youth Council Denis Chernykh underlined: "The training has allowed the young professionals to see clear guidelines for their further promotion. It helped identify the young staff leadership skills and teach them to manage their own thinking and their subordinates on the basis of their shared values and ideology of IDGC of Centre. If at the first meeting of young professionals of IDGC of Centre, which was held in Bryansk, the task was to form the single team of the eleven branches, today it was to create a youth talent pool, which is ready to move forward on the career ladder and help senior managers in the management of the power grid company. This, according to Denis Chernykh, was a success.

Under the guidance of experienced business coaches the young professionals received clear guidelines for further promotion, to understand what personal qualities a leader had to have to gather the team. According to the participants, the information associated with the formation of a model of managerial behaviour was especially useful, including key aspects of motivating staff, the rules of delegation of authority, criticism and promotion, management and regulation of the activities, in particular setting smart objectives as an effective method of monitoring and control of industrial processes.

Adviser to General Director of IDGC of Centre, Chairman of the primary trade union organization of the company Victor Ablezgov shared his impressions of the gathering: "Young people have a crucial mission - it defines and shapes the future. In this regard, it is necessary to pay special attention to it. Only in this way we can form with the generation that will come after us appropriate professional and moral qualities. This is why IDGC of Centre held the meeting of the youth. The event was a jubilee, because this year our company celebrates the tenth year anniversary. The gathering was different from the previous one not only with the large number of participants, but also with the richness and the content of the program, an unusual form of supply of new knowledge."

According to a participant of the meeting, Deputy Chief of Volokonovsky Distribution Zone of Belgorodenergo for Sale of Services Sergey Saenko, the whole event turned out to be very useful for the development of general knowledge, as well as for the acquisition of specific managerial skills. Not only the information obtained was interesting, but also networking with colleagues, analysis of the experience of other branches in solving various production tasks.

The Forum taught young power engineers to manage themselves, and with it and a team of professionals. Now the future career is entirely in their hands.

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