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On the eve of the new school year IDGC of Centre’s power engineers provided power supply to a number of socially significant facilities in the Voronezh region

2 September 2014

By the beginning of the school year IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo division implemented connection of 25 social facilities of the Voronezh region to the electricity grid. Among them are two schools in Semiluksky and Khokholsky districts, three kindergartens in Anninsky, Verkhnekhavsky and Verkhnemamonsky districts and 14 sports and recreation centres.

Voronezh power engineers connected just four facilities in Novousmansky district. This is a new complex of treatment facilities, which will provide wastewater treatment in 80% of households and organizations of the district centre, as well as a commissioned after reconstruction health spa, leisure centre and a midwifery unit.

"Connecting of social objects to the power grids is under special control of the leadership of Voronezhenergo. Their grid connection is performed in strict accordance with the terms set," said Deputy General Director - division director Ivan Kleymenov.

It should be noted that in many respects due to the high quality of the implementation of the grid connection program by IDGC of Centre’s power engineers in the Voronezh region the region took the fifth place at the Russian rating of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation in regards with the limit number of the grid connection stages. The document was published as part of the departmental report "On the evaluation of the effectiveness of the executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation following the results of 2012".

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