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IDGC of Centre exceeded its targets for the energy saving program for the first half of 2014

28 August 2014

IDGC of Centre summed up the implementation in the first half of 2014 of the program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency". The total effect of its implementation was 89.2 million KWh (244 million rubles), which is 22.7 million kWh (26 million rubles) higher than the targets. Electricity losses were minimized to 8.99% - 0.57% lower than the annual plan targets and 0.17% less than the results of 2013.

The greatest effect in the framework of the Program implementation was achieved in the areas of identification of non-contractual and non-metered consumption, as well as long-term development of electricity metering systems - it amounted to 53.2 million KWh. And technical measures also brought good results. In particular, the replacement of wires to a larger cross section on congested transmission line gave tangible results: thanks to this the grid losses of the company were reduced by 3.2 million kWh (with 2.9 million kWh as planned). Switching off a transformer in the modes of small loads at substations with two or more transformers allowed to reduce the losses by 4.5 million kWh (with 2.3 million kWh as planned).

Savings from the Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Program implementation will be used to address priority production problems faced by IDGC of Centre.

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