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For 6 months in 2014 IDGC of Centre invested 4,264 million rubles in the renovation and construction of facilities

8 July 2014

According to operational data for 6 months in 2014 during the implementation of the investment program by its branches IDGC of Centre disbursed capital investments in the amount of 3,290 million rubles. Commissioning of fixed assets amounted to more than 2,626 million. During this period 1,336 kilometres of power lines of different voltage level were commissioned, power facilities with a total capacity of 180 MVA were constructed and reconstructed.

IDGC of Centre spent about 2,730 million rubles on the modernization and reconstruction of power facilities. One of the largest and most important projects of the 1st half of 2014 was the construction of the 110 kV Substation "Lebedevo" in Kalininsky district of the Tver region. The new power facility will supply electricity to the industrial zone of Raslovo and, in particular, to an excavator plant "Hitachi" located there. This company has a strategic importance for the region: the Japanese company is the biggest international partner of the Tver region.

The investment program is aimed at providing reliable and quality electricity supply to consumers in the region, reducing level of wear of equipment of the branch of IDGC of Centre, increasing the availability of power grid infrastructure for rapid socio-economic development of 11 regions.

In the second half of 2014 IDGC of Centre is planning to invest more than 9,995 million rubles in the modernization, renovation and construction of new power facilities of the electric grid complex.

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