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Congratulations of General Director of JSC "Russian Grids" on the Power Engineers’ Day for employees of the group of companies

20 December 2013

Dear Colleagues, Friends!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the Power Engineers’ Day!

We meet the professional holiday as a team of «Russian Grids», part of which each of us has recently become.

At the end of the year the results are traditionally summarized, which we can be proud of.

The first positive results were brought with the consolidation of transmission and distribution assets — for less than nine months from the incorporation of the new company we were able to significantly speed up the time to eliminate faults in the power supply, the economic damage of which, in turn, was reduced by 25%. The electric energy not supplied to consumers was decreased by almost 20%. The approved unified technical policy in the electric grid was also intended to increase the reliability, which defines the basic principles and approaches of innovation development of the industry.

In 2013 the group of companies «Russian Grids» implemented strategically important projects. The construction of the grid infrastructure for the Sochi Olympics was completed, and the unprecedented in size and duration program to renovate the cable network of the city was performed. Power supply of the Eastern Siberia — the Pacific Ocean was provided. The Zeya hydroelectric station 500 kV power line was commissioned, so the shortfall in electricity in the Khabarovsk Territory, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Region was removed.

There were the first tests for strength that we honorably passed. We coped together with effects of flooding in the Far East, a hurricane in the north- west of the country, proving once again that the force is in unity.

The year is memorable with good results in dealing with consumers who have received international recognition. The enterprise «Russian Grids» made the most significant contribution to the advancement of Russia in the world ranking of convenience of doing business, on the result of 2013 having significantly shortened the time to connect to the grid infrastructure.

All this just is not a complete list of our first overall victories.

A stable energy system today is naturally one of the foundations for sustainable economic growth. Traditionally the industry employs only the most reliable people, professionals, ready to make decisions and take responsibility for the country’s energy security. For each of us it is honour and pride to work in this team.

It is important that family succession is becoming more frequent. This is largely due to the fact that the power engineer is more than a profession, rather, a way of life and attitude to work that is proven every day by our employees.

The Russian power grid complex today faces a number of serious problems related to the modernization of infrastructure, improvement of reliability and energy efficiency, implementation of innovative solutions. I am convinced that together we will put this work to a new level.

Dear Friends!
The Power Engineers’ Day is traditionally celebrated on the eve of the New Year. With all my heart I would like to congratulate you on the upcoming holiday. Let you all the time have luck and success. I sincerely wish you and your family good health, happiness, prosperity, new professional achievements and all the best!

О. Budargin

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