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Due to the deteriorating weather conditions IDGC of Centre set up high alert operation mode in 4 branches

12 December 2013

In the centre of the European part of Russia some significant deterioration in the weather conditions is expected. According to forecasters, from west to east there is the movement of the cyclone, which will bring heavy rainfall in the form of rain and sleet in the Central District. These weather conditions are also complicated by the outdoor temperature fluctuation around zero degrees, which causes build-up of snow on wires of power lines.

In order to ensure reliable power supply the branches of IDGC of Centre in Kostroma, Smolensk and Yaroslavl regions introduced high alert operation mode. IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division introduced a special operation mode.

The headquarters of decision-makers and experts IDGC of Centre are on duty around the clock. Specialists of IDGC of Centre are performing frequent monitoring of meteorological conditions, and the control over the operational situation in the branches.

In these branches the around the clock duty of first responding and restoration crews in all Distribution Zones, which are able to quickly come to a fault location and quickly begin work on the restoration of power supply. The operation and staffing of standby power supply sources has been checked, which, if necessary, will enable to proved consumers with backup power during the first responding and restoration operations.

Currently the 4 branches of IDGC of Centre has attracted 184 crews, totalling 689 people and 189 special vehicles to implement the inspection of overhead power lines and perform the first responding and restoration operations. Also the headquarters of IDGC of Centre decided to send to the Tver and Kostroma regions 9 crews of increased mobility from the branches, which are not affected by the bad weather. The crews of increased mobility can quickly advance to the region and immediately begin work on the restoration of power supply. They have communications equipment, spare sets of winter clothes and food provision.

The Contact Centre will work in high alert mode as well: operators on duty around the clock take calls on the single direct phone line of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115. In case of massive interruptions in power supply the branches will further deploy temporary information centres.

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