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IDGC of Centre is implementing a pilot project on energy-efficient lighting in the Yaroslavl region

28 October 2013

With the support of the Government of the Yaroslavl region in the framework of the program on energy conservation and energy efficiency IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division is executing a pilot project to implement a «smart» system of street lighting. Interim results show that the use of this system will reduce energy costs by at least 30%.

The project is being implemented in the town of Danilov in Sennaya Street. Each of 10 lighting points has an individual control unit installed that allows to monitor the performance of each fixture: to adjust the power and luminous flux, check the integrity of the lamp and the consumption of electrical energy.

The system allows to set different lighting modes, depending on the needs of consumers. For example, in the evening lamps may operate at full power, and at night, when the number of people in the streets is minimal at the level of 50-60%. It has practically no effect on the general illumination of an object, despite the fact that the power consumption will be significantly reduced.

Lighting equipment can operate both at a predetermined schedule, and change in real time. Control is completely remote — via the Internet, including a mobile phone.

Currently the system is being tested by specialists of Danilov Distribution Zone of Yarenergo, which is in charge of street lighting in Sennaya Street. According to their calculations savings for a month for this property was approximately 30%. Thus, the installation of such systems can pay an average of 2-3 years.

The pilot project will continue for another month. During this time Yaroslavl power engineers will fully assess the potential for application and reliability of the system operation and determine the economic effects of its use. If the total assessment is positive, the new lighting system can be applied throughout the Yaroslavl region.

The «smart» lighting as part of a unified technical policy of the company is being implemented not only in the Yaroslavl region, but also in other regions — in the service areas of IDGC of Centre.

First automated control system of street lighting was introduced in 2007 in the branch IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division. Since then it has covered 110 of the 163 thousand lighting points in the Belgorod region. According to experts, the absolute benefit of the system is the economic effect of the implementation obtained both by the company and the budget of the region. Due to the fact that setting and changing lighting modes can be done remotely from an operator’s control point, it significantly reduces costs for the maintenance of street lighting. In addition, the system is installed quickly and gives almost instant effect.

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