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IDGC of Centre is implementing a major investment project in the Voronezh region

14 October 2013

IDGC of Centre continues to implement an investment project for the construction in the Voronezh region a 110 kV cable line with its length of 6.2 km from Substation # 30 «Podgornoye» to Substation # 13 «VPI» and transfer of Substation # 13 from 35 kV to 110 kV.

This project is the largest of those that the company performs in the region in 2013-2014. Its implementation will allow to provide long-term development of Voronezh. In particular, with the commissioning of the new line there will have the opportunity to increase the load of connected consumers of social and engineering infrastructure of the Northern district of the city, to ensure the future development of the capital of the Black Soil Region in the north-west direction. The completion of the reconstruction of Substation # 13 «VPI» will create conditions for grid connection of new consumers of one of the fastest growing districts of Voronezh — Kominternovsky and increase the level of reliability of supply of large consumers — MUE «Voronezh Gorelectroset», Airport, Water Treatment Plant, Regional Clinical Hospital, Regional Maternity Hospital, and others.

As of early October, preparatory work on the 1.7 km of the ROW has been performed. During the construction the most modern technical solutions and materials are used. So, the cable with high-strength XLPE insulation and copper conductor, which has a reinforced shell, is used for laying. Construction of transitions under engineering services is performed by horizontal directional drilling with minimal impact on the environment. The line will be equipped with a continuous monitoring of high voltage cabling PTS-1000, designed to monitor the temperature of the cable and insulation in real time. The monitoring will be carried out in more than 40 thousand points. This system is necessary to prevent accidents, and it can be used to control the transmission capacity of the line.

Completion of the construction of the new cable line and reconstruction of Substation # 13 «VPI» is scheduled for the third quarter of 2014.

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