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Congratulations on the Power Engineers' Day of Executive Director of IDGC Holding Andrey E. Murov

21 December 2012

Dear colleagues!

I sincerely and heartily congratulate you on your professional holiday - Power Engineers' Day, which is celebrated here for over six and a half decades, not only in Russia, but also in the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States!

The progressive development of the national economy is not possible without a powerful modern electric grid, whose industrial, scientific, technical and human resources is a national treasure of Russia - the leading energy power in the world.

Light, warmth and comfort in millions of homes of our countrymen and infrastructure facilities - schools, hospitals, day care centres, ensuring the smooth operation of manufacturing plants - is the result of teamwork and, as a rule, self-sacrificing work of the more than 190 thousandth team of Holding of Interregional Distribution Grid Companies.

Today we are faced with big plans to implement in practice the tasks set by the highest state leadership on modernization and technological upgrading of the energy sector, increasing its investment attractiveness and competitiveness. The effectiveness of our work should be based on the use of advanced technologies and solutions in the field of energy efficiency and energy conservation, development of succession of electric grid power engineers and their labour traditions.

Dear friends! On this holiday, let me express my respect and thanks for resilience and courage, professionalism and commitment to our common cause.

I wish all employees and veterans of the distribution grid complex health, happiness, optimism and new professional developments for the benefit of Great Russia!

Executive Director
of IDGC Holding
Andrey E. Murov

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