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Smolensk power engineers of IDGC of Centre are assisting their colleagues from Pskovenergo

1 December 2012

A powerful cyclone continues to be in the most part of the Smolensk region, due to which there is still a high probability of icing of cables and power lines and standing near trees, communications line failures, collapse of advertising structures in connection with wet snow and strong wind. Along with this as of 12:00 the power grid of the Smolensk region is working steadily and there are no interrupted socially important facilities, the main network keeps its integrity.

Despite the severe weather conditions and existing risks of damage to the networks, IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division found an opportunity to send a crew to assist their colleagues from Pskovenergo to restore interrupted power supply.

On Friday at 15:30, already after half an hour after taking the strategic decision one mobile crew of Smolensk Distribution Zone consisting of 5 persons left Smolenskenergo. The crew is made of high professionals who’ve repeatedly participated in the restoration of interrupted power supply in the Smolensk region and the neighboring regions.

The staff is fully equipped with facilities and equipment for filing and trimming trees, clearing ROWs along power lines. The branch has sent one hydrolift to work on clearing. To be able to work in the dark the power engineers will be using a light platform. The crew is moving by a MAVR vehicle — an off-highway service and repair facility vehicle. In the multi-van of the vehicle there are bays not only for the equipment and tools, but seats (including sleeping) for recreation of the crew, taking meals, heating and ventilation systems are installed.

Already at 8:00 the crew started their work on clearing ROWs along power lines in the service area of Distribution Zone # 1 of Production Department of “Eastern Electrical Networks” of the branch of IDGC of North-West — Pskovenergo, which is located in the settlement of Bezhanitsy. The power engineers had to deal with severe weather conditions: abundant snow, huge piles of trees that during the night when passing through the zero point temperature got covered with a thick layer of ice. The power engineers are making all possible efforts to eliminate the consequences of the disaster as soon as possible and early restoration of the interrupted power supply in the Pskov region.

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