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Deputy General Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Sergey Shumakher was presented an award

11 May 2012

Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Sergey A. Shumakher was awarded the anniversary badge “90 years of the System Operator creation” for a significant contribution to the development of operational and technological management system.

90 years ago the technological management of power system modes was identified and documented officially as a separate discipline in the power sector. In those days, the operator had only a phone at his hand. Today a modern operator has means of obtaining telemetry data, hardware and software systems to handle large volumes of operating data, control panels, switches and radio communications.

IDGC of Centre is one of the leaders in the improvement of operational and technological management. The Company has upgraded all the Grid Control Centers (GCC) of branches of the Company, whose main task is centralized management of the electric grid operation modes, providing maximum reliability and efficiency of the grid. The reconstruction of the GCC brought new benefits, expressed in the remote control over distant facilities. Now it is possible to centrally monitor the state of power grid equipment and perform routine switching directly from the GCC. Monitoring loads in electrical networks in a single center allows to plan and perform switching without interruptions and with the least inconvenience for consumers.

At present in IDGC of Centre, led by Sergey Shumakher, an innovative project for the implementation of grid management and liquidation of emergencies (OMS/DMS system) is being implemented, which will improve operational and process management to the level of global best practices. The OMS system (Outage Management System) allows to evaluate the state of the electric grid, to locate faults in the network, to generate an optimal switching sequence to isolate the damaged section of the network. To manage the emergency and restoration operations the OMS system provides monitoring of the location of mobile crews and the status of work performed, as well as the development of routes. The DMS system (Distribution Management System) controls loading of the network elements and regulates voltage levels.

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