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IDGC of Centre raises the level of fire safety in structural units of the Company

13 February 2012

IDGC of Centre completed the review of the best fire fighting condition. It was conducted in two phases: the first one — among the structural units of branches, the second — among the branches. First place went to Smolensk branch of the Company, second — to Kurskenergo, third place was taken by Tambov branch of IDGC of Centre.

Analysis of the final results showed an increased level of fire safety facilities of the branches. The quality of the organization and performance of fire trainings with personnel significantly increased, the work of fire-technical committees and volunteer fire units is arranged in all branches. The main task of these groups is increasing control over the state of the primary fire extinguishing equipment, reducing the risk of fires and improvement of fire-fighting organization at facilities. Volunteer fire units are formed in each District of Electrical Networks and sections of substations Service of the branches. They include: electricians, electrical fitters; senior master of DEN or senior master of a section is assigned as Chief of the unit.

The fire safety requirements in relation to maintenance of premises and production areas, provision of access roads to buildings and facilities, personnel evacuation, availability of required fire safety signs, vehicle maintenance, keeping the main documentation are followed. As a result of the work done in 2011 in structural units of IDGC of Centre branches no large fires were recorded.

“Saving lives and health of employees of the Company is the main activity direction of specialists in the field of labor safety. Our goal is to reduce the risk of fires and their consequences. The above review showed that the compared to last year indicators for fire safety in the branches of the Company increased. I want to mention improving the staff training on the practice for fire suppression, the compliance with the established fire safety requirements and improvement of the level of prevention work”, — summed up Head of industrial control and safety Office of IDGC of Centre Elena Kalinina.

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