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IDGC of Centre held a presentation day

26 December 2011

Department of Technical Development of IDGC of Centre held another presentation day, during which Russian manufacturers presented their equipment for relay protection and were able to discuss how to construct a «digital substation» based on international standard IEC 61850.

The project «digital substation», which is based on the use of innovative methods of collecting and processing information (in digital current and voltage transformers, remote computer-process interfaces, smart electronic devices), is a promising activity area for the Company. The implementation of a new substation generation will improve the organization of information flow, provide them with high accuracy and uniformity of all measurements. Automation will reduce the human factor on grid performance, increase reliability and reduce power losses during delivery. The main advantages of these power facilities may also include cost reduction, decrease in maintenance and operating costs.

Russian companies that specialize in «digital technologies» in the energy sector were invited to learn the best practices in this area and analysis of possible projects in IDGC of Centre.

The company «RTSoft» that participated in the presentation day offered its solutions for the construction of a «digital substation», based on the use of its own developments as well as the world’s leading equipment manufacturers of relay protection, data concentrators and automatic process control systems. The participants of the presentation paid special attention to proposals for the creation of a «digital substation» of 10(6)-35/0.4 kV voltage, which can be regarded in future as an integral part of distribution Smart grid.

The presentation of the company «EPSA» was devoted to the concept of building a «digital substation» entirely on domestically produced equipment, which has passed its required acceptance and certification procedures and supports IEC 61850. In addition, the company demonstrated its SCADA — system that supports the «plug-n-play» function (the technology, which reduces to a minimum efforts to connect new equipment), as well as in-house software for the design of a «digital substation». It is intended to accelerate the design process and reduce probability of errors of a designer by automatically configuring devices in the system.

OJSC «RZA Systems» took part in the presentation. In addition to the microprocessor protection terminals for medium-voltage networks, the company demonstrated its solution for operating DC and auxiliary systems of substations, cabinet products and test equipment. To replace used electromechanical relays OJSC «RZA Systems» offered a whole series of advanced products, as well as devices for fiber-optic arc protection, automatic reclosing and automatic transfer switching.

The offers of the companies — participants of the presentation day will be considered by technicians of IDGC of Centre for the implementation of best practices within the existing programs of the Company.

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