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IDGC of Centre has made 90 mobile emergency and recovery crews

16 November 2011

IDGC of Centre continues training crews of high mobility. This is a special emergency recovery mobile reserve, formed of highly skilled workers who have received additional training. Mobile crews will allow the company to respond quickly to possible major technological violations during peak loads, if necessary, in a timely manner to assist the energy sector of the neighboring regions.

By today IDGC of Centre has formed 90 mobile emergency and recovery crews totaling 506 people. This is them who participated in the elimination of the anomalous “ice rain”, which took place in the Central region; due to their mobility, good technical equipment and highly skilled employees the electricity supply was restored in the affected areas in the shortest possible time.

At the moment the crews have been equipped with 151 pieces of special vehicles, 102 — cross-country capacity. These crew vehicles are based on GAZ, ZIL, KamAZ — 43106, URAL-4320, which are fully equipped off-highway emergency and recovery vehicles. All-In-car caravan includes not only compartments for tools and equipment, but they also have place (including sleeping) for recreation of crews, food intake and installed heating and ventilation systems. Mobile crews use in their work also cross-country vehicles TREKOL based on GAZ-34039. A passenger snow and swamp-going vehicle with the capacity of 8-10 persons, is designed for operation in severe road and weather conditions, it is able to overcome water obstacles and operate in mountainous terrain. Until the end of 2011 IDGC of Centre is planning to purchase another 56 pieces of special vehicles. Thanks to the special vehicles the crews will be able to perform all necessary repair work, both in urban and off-road conditions, to act promptly in case of failures in confined spaces.

“Our crews with increased mobility — a kind of energy commandos of IDGC of Center — said Deputy Chief Engineer for management of electric grid facilities of IDGC of Center Evgeniy Turapin. — To date, they are fully equipped with communications, spare sets of winter clothes and food. Mobile crews are capable to quickly go to any region and immediately begin work on power restoration”.

All mobile crews have been trained in branch offices, as well as participated in emergency response training. For staff development, working out operational activities in the event of a failure 15 joint trainings with EMERCOM, fire departments and representatives of regional authorities have been arranged and 216 training workouts for the detection and elimination of ice, snow buildup on the wires and ground wires have been held.

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