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Yaroslavl power men of IDGC of Centre teach children of electrical safety

23 August 2011 Specialists of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo had a lesson on electrical safety in the regional children's sanatorium "Itlar" of Rostov district of the Yaroslavl region. The event, held as part of a comprehensive program to prevent children’s injuries at power facilities, was attended by 107 people.

Power men told the children about the properties of the electric current, the rules of behavior near power facilities, for example, using dummy simulator Ghosha the activity was showed in intensive care for a man who suffered electric shock and showed used personal protective equipment and gear. At the end of the lesson specialists of Yarenergo presented to kids with coloring books and booklets on electrical safety, and also gave the sanatorium posters warning about the dangers of electricity.

"Employees of Yarenergo conduct classes using visual aids. Vivid impressions of the lesson help children better remember the rules of electrical safety, to be more responsible in following them"- said the curriculum director of the sanatorium, Olga Kastyrina.

Published: 23.08.2011

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