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IDGC of Centre’s team is determined for participation in All-Russian competition in professional skill

30 August 2010

Namely representatives of Southern power grids of Smolensk division took the first place at competition in professional skill of IDGC of Centre. The members of the team are Alexandr Korneev, foreman of service of power transmission lines, and Andrey Putyatin, Andrey Furmanenko, Vitaly Petrov – electricians.

Alexandr Korneev, job foreman, is responsible head of the team, he has been working in the Power Company since June 1994, the commendation of IDGC of Centre has been awarded to him for conscientious work and he is honored to be represented on board of honor of Smolenskenergo. Vitaly Petrov and Andrey Furmanenko have been working in power transmission line service as OTL repair electricians more than 12 years. For 6 years of work in the Company Andrey Putyatin upgraded from the 3rd class up to the 5th one of overhead transmission line repair electrician. Smolenskenergo commendation was awarded to him.

During All-Russian competition the teams will pass six stages which include test of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Power engineers are to provide medical assistance for electrocution, to show professional skills during repair works at 110 kv equipment, to eliminate the fire hazard in fenced off area of OTL.

At present the team of Smolenskenergo is finishing preparation and solidifying skills on the base of practice ground Lubnya in Smolensk region.

“We are very much honored to represent IDGC of Centre at competition of such level. Such events allow to improve professional level of operation and maintenance personnel, contribute to reduction of injuries and help to share advanced experience of work”, — Vasily Kokorev, the head of the team — chief engineer of Southern power grids of the division, noted.

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