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Evgeny Makarov, the General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC, and Sergey Antufyev, the Governor of Smolensk region, held working meeting

19 May 2010 The large-scale work intended to performing of smooth transfer from July of this year to tariff regulation on electric power transmission services using return on invested capital methodс (RAB)  is being carried out in the branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC — “Smolenskenergo”.

“We highly appreciate the reliability of IDGC of Centre as the representative of one of   the life-supporting branches of the region and as responsible business partner of regional authority as well, which is a creditable one. I hope, that RAB-regulation will contribute the development of the distribution grid complex of Smolensk land, increase of investment activity in the region and decrease of social  strain by means of stabilization of growth of tariff for a long-run period”, — the Governor noted.

In spite of the financial and economic crisis IDGC of Centre, JSC is implementing investment program within the territory of Smolensk region in full by means of increasing the reliability of power supply of consumers and providing connection to power grids of new productions. However, power engineers have serious problems as well solving of which is impossible without participation of regional authorities.  The branch bears losses because performers of public services violate Government Decree dated 31.08.2006 pursuant to which they should pay losses of electric power in house power grids. 

“This is the all-Russian problem. In spite of the fact that much is being done in the region with the purpose of solving this problem, at present from 6,5 thousand apartment houses of Smolensk payments for consumed electric power using common house accounting meters are being made only in 872 houses. As for the other houses payments are being made using individual electric power accounting meters installed in storey panel boards or apartments. IDGC of Centre is forced to pay losses in grids not belonging to the Company, to divert monetary funds unsecured by tariff regulation from principal type of activity — uninterrupted providing of region consumers with electric power. It does not allow to invest enough in modernization of own power grids”, — Evgeny Makarov emphasized.

House losses of electric power in apartment houses paid by the Grid Company over a period of many years yield a loss to its branch. In 2009 in Smolenskenergo it amounted to 83 million Rubles, and in 2010 may be 90 million Rubles.   
Following the results of the meeting there was taken the decision on necessity of development of joint program for solving the problem of electric power accounting in apartment houses of the region. IDGC of Centre is ready to install missing common house accounting meters at input in apartment houses and to maintenance them  from own funds till the end of 2010. Administration of Smolensk region, in its turn, planned to consider issue of organization of work on compliance of management companies and householders societies with the Law of the Russian Federation regarding transfer to payments for consumed electric power at input in apartment houses till the end of 2010. Evgeny Makarov emphasized that the work regarding “smart” accounting of electric power may result in reduction of losses of electric power in grids from 10 % up to 1,5 %.

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