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Congratulation of Nikolay Nikolaevich Shvets, the general director of IDGC Holding, JSC, to employees of power distribution complex

22 December 2009

You, dear veterans, began to implement the unprecedented worldwide plan of electrification of the whole country of the State committee for electrification of Russia 89 years ago in years difficult for the country. You performed all tasks set by the state and society with enthusiasm and working heroism peculiar to you, ensured power potential and safety of Russia for many years ahead. Intergenerational continuity remains owing to your experience and readiness to share your knowledge of the Russian power engineering. This provides the opportunity to reckon on that all reforms and transformations in the industry will be implemented by competent and responsible specialists.

Power engineers of Holding of Interregional distribution grid companies are grateful and responsible to you, dear veterans. First of all, today is your holiday. I congratulate you sincerely and with all my heart!
The reform of the industry and serious economic transformations of the last years put new tasks and priorities to power engineering industry. Distribution power complex did not stand apart of these changes.

Now the priority of our development is cardinal renewal of production facilities that implies either significant reduction of equipment depreciation, so implementation of advanced power saving technologies. Everything that we have started is getting to be supported at the state level, because it is intended to promote economic growth and social development of the regions of the Russian Federation, safeguarding power security and sovereignty of our state. IDGC Holding sets tasks to itself governing primarily by strategic guidelines of the long-term state power policy, which have been laid down in the Power strategy of Russia for the period till 2030.

I’d like to thank collectives of the distribution grid complex комплекса and each employee individually for qualitative, fruitful work within 2009. By joint efforts we overcame successfully the past Autumn and Winter period (AWP) and started steadily AWP of 2009/2010. Presentation of the AWP preparedness certificate to IDGC Holding was the high point of colossal work performed within the year.

In the incoming year we must take measures in order to improve indicators of reliability and quality of electric power supply of our consumers. Capital construction of new and upgrading of the existing power items will be actively continued. IDGC Holding will follow the policy of payment of worthy material remuneration to its employees as well.

I’m sure that sequential and meticulous implementation of all mentioned priorities will rise authority of power engineer profession higher!

I wish you health and high professional achievements for the benefit of power engineering industry and great Russia! Be happy, dear colleagues!

Nikolay Shvets
General Director
of IDGC Holding, JSC


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