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The substation "Ancient settlement" will have new transformers installed


In accordance with the investment program of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division the reconstruction of the 110/6 kV “Ancient settlement” has begun. It will be held in two phases and will end in 2013. Installation of new transformers is being performed by Bryanskenergo as part of the first phase, to be completed by the end of this year.

In the near future the installation of three new transformers will be completed, and each transformer will be 25 MVA. Two transformers have already been delivered to Bryansk. Currently a site for the installation of new power facilities is being prepared: the foundation is pouring on the ground, where they will be installed. As a result of the installation of the new transformers the substation will increase its total capacity from 32 MVA to 75 MVA.

The substation is the supply centre of the city electrical networks, which supply power to the socially important facilities located in the city of Bryansk. Here is a massive development of Naval and Aviation streets. In a short time in Soviet district of the regional centre there will be new residential apartment buildings, shopping centres, and infrastructure facilities. Increased capacity of the substation will allow for the grid connection of all large socially important facilities.

Until the end of 2012 at the substation “Ancient settlement” according to the approved project a new bay of a 110 kV outdoor switchgear, a modular type substation control building, combined with a 6 kV indoor switchgear, will be installed.

The reconstruction of the substation “Ancient settlement” is being performed without restricting electricity supply to consumers.

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