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Yarenergo has started installation of power transformers in the substation 110/10-10 kV "Novoselki" in Yaroslavl


Yarenergo has started installation of power transformers in the substation 110/10-10 kV Novoselki in Yaroslavl.

At SS “Novoselki” the most modern technology and equipment will be used, both domestic and imported. Transformers will be equipped with 110 kV high-voltage bushings with solid internal insulation of dry type “RIP” and attachments. The weight of each transformer with attachments will be 73 tons. An effective system of online monitoring, continuous evaluation of the state of the transformer will prevent the occurrence of accidents and extend the life cycle of the transformer.

Compared with the previous generation of transformers this equipment has lower no-load losses and, therefore, is more efficient. Transformers have internal insulation bushing of solid type and automatically adjust the transformation ratio on microprocessor control units. This makes the operation of the grid facility more reliable and improves the quality of energy to the end consumer.

Gas-insulated modular type bays will be also constructed to connect power lines of 110 kV and 10 kV. They combined a tank type switch, equipped with a bushing-type current transformer, disconnector with earthing switches for connection to overhead lines and bus systems. The economic effect of the use of a compact module in addition to saving space is also fast commissioning of the device, minimizing the amount of construction work and reducing operational costs associated with long-term maintenance-free operation.

Continuous monitoring of voltage quality devices will allow real-time monitoring of the quality of energy supply and to signal all deviations from the standard, and to respond to the situation quickly.

All the equipment of the new substation will be located in the outdoor switchgear of 110 kV. The substation “Novoselki” will be included in the transit between the CHP-3 and SS “Yartsevo” in the grid of the 110 kV Conductor “Yaroslavl — Nerekhta”.

“Novoselki” is included in the investment program of Yarenergo for 2012 — 2017. Besides the construction of the substation with all engineering communications this investment project includes the reconstruction of 1.52 km of the 110 kV overhead line “Yaroslavl — Nerekhta”. The estimated cost of the project is 309 million rubles.

The SS is scheduled to be commissioned in Q1 2013.

The substation “Novoselki” will supply electricity to a new district of the industrial park of ​​Yaroslavl. This project was created with the support of the Government of the Yaroslavl region in order to attract major investors to the region. One of the residents of the industrial park will be the Centre of data processing of OJSC “VimpelCom”. It is assumed that in terms of the volume of information to be processed and the number of services provided, it will become one of Russia’s largest technology centres of the company. Also among the main consumers of the future substation — an educational centre for training pharmaceutical specialists on the site of YAGPU named after K.D. Ushinsky. Skilled staff in the production of medicines will be in great demand n the Yaroslavl region, as pharmaceutical industry giants — “TEVA” and “Takeda” — are building their enterprises here, also in the industrial park premises. The construction of the new substation will provide reliable power supply of the facilities not only of the industrial park, but the residential sector in Frunze district of Yaroslavl, and will create the necessary reserve of electrical power for the connection of new customers.

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