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Kursk power engineers taught a lesson on electrical safety in schools of Kastorensky district


Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division had lessons on electrical safety in Ozerskaya middle school and in Bykovskaya secondary school of Kastorensky district.

More than 100 children of all ages learned the basic rules of electrical safety. From the video, showed by the specialists of the training centre of operating personnel of Kurskenergo, the children learned why one must not approach the broken wire, climb power line poles, enter the territory of electrical substations, what the symbols mean, applied to electrical equipment, and the danger that lies in wait for those who are hiding under a tree standing alone in a thunderstorm.

More over the power engineers reminded the children to be careful in dealing with electrical appliances: not to use the appliance with a broken insulation of the mains-operated wire and sockets with a damaged hull.

At the end of each lesson the power engineers distributed to children leaflets and posters on electrical safety, tailored to the age of the children and the perceptual features of such information by schoolchildren.

School teachers were unanimous in the opinion that the benefits of the lessons on electrical safety of Kurskenergo are big and this important preventive work should continue.

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