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GD EMERCOM of Russia for Yaroslavl region thanks Yarenergo for interaction


In the address of the team of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division, a letter was received from the Centre for Crisis Management of General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Yaroslavl region (hereinafter — FCA “CMC of EMERCOM of Russia for the Yaroslavl region”). In it colleagues were grateful for the collaboration and interaction with the task of preventing and eliminating accidents at power facilities in the region.

IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division pays great attention to the organization and implementation of training activities and staff training for emergency measures. In order to improve the skills of interaction and cohesion of actions of professionals in the aftermath of emergencies associated with unplanned outages of electrical network facilities, Yarenergo conducts regular exercises with FCA “CMC of EMERCOM of Russia for the Yaroslavl region”. The holding of such trainings can then allow to work together to successfully eliminate major technological violations in the power supply circuit of the region. Yarenergo operates a system of electronic exchange of information with the Centre for Crisis Management of General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Yaroslavl region. Every day the staff of both services are in a single information space. The Grid Control Centre of Yarenergo allows to monitor the power system of the Yaroslavl region in real time and in a timely manner to correct and eliminate possible technological failures and faults, and coordinate activities of operational staff.

“Every year, the relationship between our services becomes stronger. General desire to avoid negative effects of possible technological failures allows to work effectively in a team. We greatly appreciate the established relationship with the CMC of EMERCOM of Russia for the Yaroslavl region and are always ready to cooperate for the benefit of consumers,”- underlines Deputy Chief Engineer for operational management — Head of the Grid Control Center of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Ruslan Trubin.

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