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IDGC Holding realizes Program “Save Forest Energy”


In 2011 target Program of planting out of trees and other vegetation under name of “Distribution electric grid complex — for environment protection” will be realized in all regions of IDGC Holding’s responsibility. Slogan of the Program is “Save Forest Energy”.

Authors of Program, aimed at restoration of natural balance, destroyed as a result of abnormal acts of nature of end of 2010 — beginning of 2011, were United Council of Youth and Coordination Council of Veterans of distribution electric grid complex. Centre of responsibility for organization of communication arrangements of Program became Department of Informational Policy and Communications in Managing Company of IDGC Holding and Departments (Administrations, Services, Divisions) of Public Relations of Operating Companies (IDGC, DGC) and their branches in 69 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

On March, 30th this year IDGC Holding, OJSC held meeting on results of the first restoring planting of trees on the territory of State Reserve Museum “Abramtsevo” in responsibility area of Sergiev-Posad district of electric grids of JSC “MOESK”. Cedar and Silver fir, planted out on March, 04th this year with special technique, on the one side compensated for two trees, died in Abramtsevo village during “ice rain” of January, on the other, became historical reconstruction of Silver fir and cedar, planted out in October 1876 in Rimskaya bosket of Manor of S.I. Mamontov by legendary family Prakhovy — Emilia L’vovna and Adrian Viktorovich, the first professor of art history of Petersburg University, author of fresco design of Kievskiy Vladimirskiy Cathedral (1886-1896).

Representatives of World Wildlife Fund, Movement of Young Ecologists of Moscow Region “Mestnye”, Public Association “All-Russian Electroprofsoyuz”, veteran community and youth structures of IDGC Holding took part in organizational-procedural meeting in IDGC Holding, OJSC. It was decided to hold on April, 23rd this year Single Day of restoration plantings of trees and other vegetation in responsibility area of IDGC and DGC, on May, 14th to take part in National Day of forest planting, organized by Federal Forestry Agency (“Rosleskhoz”), and also to create in managing and operating companies working groups for coordination of trees planting in period 2011-2012.

On April, 14th this year this initiative was approved on meeting of representatives of labor personnel of IDGC Holding, OJSC, and on April, 15th this year plan-schedules and lists of places of planting of trees and vegetation were formed in frames of videoconference with participation of representatives of all companies and branches of IDGC Holding in 69 constituent entities of Federation.

On April, 23rd this year collective plantings of trees and other vegetation will be made by personnel of IDGC of South, JSC, Kuban’energo, JSC, IDGC of Northern Caucasus, JSC, JSC “Yantar’energo”, IDGC of Volga, JSC and number of branches of IDGC of Centre, JSC and IDGC of Centre and Volga Region, JSC. Hundreds of trees will be planted in Energetikov Alley in City of Astrakhan’, on the territory of memorial complex “To Heroes of Stalingrad Battle” on Mamaev Kurgan in City of Volgograd, in Heroes Alley in Cultural and Recreation Park of City of Elista, in space port Plesetsk (Arkhangel’sk Region).

Energetikov Alley from red oak will be planted in Botanic Garden of City of Krasnodar. Personnel of branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC “Belgorodenergo” is intended to lay out Energetikov Park in Valujki settlement of Belgorod Region, devoting this action to 50th Anniversary of Belgorod power system.

Geography of trees’ planting is very wide, because IDGC Holding is responsible for reliable electric power supply of consumers practically on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. Centres of responsibility for trees’ planting are situated in 1667 districts of electric grids of IDGC Holding. Program “Save Forest Energy” will actually become communication centre of nation-wide project, uniting around the idea of balance restoration in ecosphere federal and regional governmental authorities and administration, environmental structures, socio-political organizations and religious associations and confessions, national-cultural autonomies, business-community, mass media, veterans and youth, large groups of Russian public. Arrangements, initiated by workers of distribution electric grid complex, are also aimed at solving of recreational problems in the sphere of domestic cultural heritage. For example, workers of IDGC of North-West, JSC together with personnel of Russian Museum in City of Saint-Petersburg will plant trees on the territory of Mikhajlovskiy Park, and in City of Kaliningrad personnel of JSC “Yantar’energo” together with representatives of national cultural autonomies will plant trees near memorial to Soviet tankmen, died during East-Prussian operation in April of 1945.

Among plants, which will be planted by representatives of operational companies of IDGC Holding on large territory of the Russian Federation are fir, pine, red oak, silver-chain, linden, cottonwood, birch, arborvitae, juniper, magnolia, nut, lilac, apple tree and pear tree.

Photos of planted trees and other vegetation, mentioning places of planting and information about participants of Program “Save Forest Energy” in on-line regime will be placed on special interactive map of web-portal of United Council of Youth of IDGC Holding (

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