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General Director of Rosseti Centre Igor Makovskiy inspected the implementation of pilot projects for digitalization of the electric grid complex of the Voronezh region

4 September 2019

General Director of Rosseti Centre - the managing organization of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region Igor Makovskiy made a working trip to the Voronezh region, during which he checked the functioning of the region’s electric grid complex and the preparation of production units of the branch “Rosseti Centre Voronezhenergo” for the upcoming autumn-winter period.

The head of the company visited Novousmansky Distribution Zone of Voronezhenergo, where he inspected the work of services, units, assessed the readiness of the emergency reserve, the condition of machinery and equipment.

In the executive office of Voronezhenergo, Igor Makovskiy held a meeting of the Governing Council, at which he acquainted the audience with the priorities of the Company for the near future. Igor Makovskiy paid particular attention to the implementation of digital transformation projects.

“The Voronezh region is an economically developed region. Its investment attractiveness largely depends on the ability of investors to receive electricity for existing enterprises and those that may appear in the near future. And the digitalization of the electric grid complex, which we are currently actively conducting, will undoubtedly contribute to improving the quality and reliability of energy supply to all consumers in the region,” stressed General Director of Rosseti Centre.

Igor Makovskiy dedicated the final part of the visit to the Voronezh region to the inspection of the digital 110 kV substation “Sputnik”, being built in the Comintern district of the city of Voronezh. The use of an automated process control system at the substation will provide remote monitoring of the power supply parameters, as well as reduce the time to detect technological violations and automate the disconnection of power equipment of the substation for repair. Its commissioning will improve the quality and reliability of energy supply to consumers of the regional centre.

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