General Director of IDGC of Centre - the managing organization of IDGC of Centre and Volga Region Igor Makovskiy discussed priorities with the team of the branch “Voronezhenergo”

7 May 2019

General Director of IDGC of Centre - the managing organization of IDGC of Centre and Volga Region Igor Makovskiy, during his working visit to the Voronezh region, met with staff of the branch “Voronezhenergo”.

At the meeting with employees, Igor Makovskiy gave an assessment of production activities of Voronezhenergo in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. The head of the company, in particular, noted that, according to the results of the past quarter, the branch ranked fifth among the 20 branches of the Company in terms of key indicators.

Then Igor Makovskiy spoke in detail about the priority tasks facing Voronezhenergo in 2019. This is, first of all, ensuring the specified parameters of the reliability of power supply to consumers with the break-even operation of the branch, increasing labour productivity, reducing electricity losses.

“We have to switch from a quick response to an emergency to a forecasting, warning and timely action to prevent failures, this is the main task of risk-oriented management of the enterprise. This can be realized only by applying a modern technological complex with intelligent control systems,” stressed Igor Makovskiy. According to him, the development of the power grid infrastructure of the Voronezh region, as well as in other regions of presence of IDGC of Centre, in the next three years should be directed to the implementation of the “Digital Transformation Concept”, covering all the processes of the Company. Voronezhenergo has been tasked to create a Unified Grid Control Centre by the end of 2020 and prepare the basis for the transition to a single-tier system of operational and technological management. This is a fundamentally new approach to the process of transmission of electric energy controlled by the Unified Centre with digital equipment. A prerequisite is to create a domestic software platform.

As noted by Igor Makovskiy, the main effect of digitalization of electric grids in the Voronezh region will be to prevent interruptions in power supply to consumers. Also, digitalization should ensure the achievement of the loss of electricity during transmission of up to 7% in the grid of 0.4-6-10 kV and power quality in accordance with international standards.

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