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IDGC of Centre summarizes its work as an electric energy supplier of last resort

2 June 2014

IDGC of Centre summarizes its work as an electric energy supplier of last resort in five regions of the Central Federal District. On June 1, 2014 the company completed its work in two last regions, where it was entrusted to execute these powers - in the Bryansk and Smolensk regions.

Please, be reminded that functions of a supplier of last resort were transferred to IDGC of Centre as decided by the Russian Ministry of Energy: during 2013 the company took them over in the Bryansk, Kursk, Orel, Tver and Smolensk regions. In all cases, the reason was accumulated arrears for electric energy and power by the former suppliers of last resort. The functions were transferred for a transitional period prior to tenders to select new suppliers of last resort. In the Orel region IDGC of Centre executed them until February 2014, in the Kursk and Tver regions – until April 2014.

Assigning IDGC of Centre with the energy retail activity, the Russian Ministry of Energy set the task to the company to make the change of a supplier of last resort without any negative impact on consumers. And it fully coped with it.

In all five regions IDGC of Centre promptly performed the entire complex of organizational measures necessary for the effective execution of new functions. In the structure of local branches of the company full retail departments were created, which recruited 100 % of the employees of the organizations - the former suppliers of last resort. The former conditions of employment contracts with the employees were fully preserved. New structural units were fully equipped with all necessary IT-infrastructure.

To prevent social tensions, IDGC of Centre’s specialists performed extensive work to inform the public. Residential customers were promptly notified that only details of payment documents were changed for them, but the cost of services remained unchanged. Supply contracts were renegotiated with legal entities in the short term.

Consumers of all five regions were able to obtain information on issues with power supply, replacement of meters, payment of electricity, changes in the law firsthand - from competent professionals of Customer Service Centres and the Contact Centre, as well as in Distribution Zones via the direct Power hot line at 8-800-50-50-115.

Throughout the period of performance of the functions of a supplier of last resort, IDGC of Centre maintained 100% rate of pay on the wholesale electric energy and power market, and ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power supply, fully met the needs of consumers served.

Results of IDGC of Centre’s retail activity suggests that the company has successfully accomplished the task set by the Government to implement the functions of a supplier of last resort for the transitional period, provided their receipt and transfer, while maintaining high quality and comfortable service level for customers.

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