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IDGC of Centre summed up its operating results in 2013 and defined the tasks for the current year

28 April 2014

IDGC of Centre hosted a meeting of chief engineers of its branches. During the event, the performance of the company in 2013 was analyzed, and the main areas of work in the current year were identified.

As noted, opening the meeting, Deputy General Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Alexander Pilyugin, in 2013 the company successfully addressed priorities for improving the reliability and quality of services, operational efficiency and availability of the power grid infrastructure, ensuring innovative development. He also stressed that IDGC of Centre operated successfully during the autumn-winter peak loads. Specialists of the company not only provided reliable power supply to consumers in its service area, but also if necessary assisted colleagues from neighbouring regions. In addition, employees of IDGC of Centre also made a worthy contribution to the preparation of the electric grid infrastructure of the Sochi region for the XXII Olympic Winter Games and ensuring its smooth functioning during them.

Results of the production activity in the branches in terms of the implementation of repair programs and activities to improve the operational and technological management were summarized by Deputy Chief Engineer for Managing Electric Grid Facilities Evgeny Turapin. He said that the Overhaul Program of IDGC of Centre in 2013 was done on time and in full. In addition, during this period the company managed to reduce electricity losses compared with the previous year. Head of the department of industrial control and reliability Ilya Pestov, analyzing the operation of the electric grid complex of IDGC of Centre during the autumn-winter period of 2013-2014, noted a tendency for some significant reduction in the number of cases of technological failures and grid equipment damage. Such a result, he said, was largely achieved through quality and timely implementation of the repair and targeted programs and coordinated work of the whole team of the company.

Deputy Chief Engineer for Technical Development — Head of Technical Development Department Dmitry Rybnikov presented the meeting’s participants with results in the field of long-term development and implementation of the technical policy. According to him, an important step in addressing the strategic objectives of IDGC of Centre to achieve leading positions in the industry and increase the level of technological effectiveness is the implementation of the Program of Innovative Development of IDGC of Centre for 2011 — 2016.

The results of IDGC of Centre in the field of occupational safety, industrial, fire and environmental safety were summed by Head of industrial control and safety Elena Kalinina. She spoke about the realization of programs aimed at preventing electric injuries of personnel and third parties, as well as announced the results of the conducted in 2013 among the branches contest for the best fire-fighting condition. Representatives of the branch - winner, Belgorodenergo, and those who took the second and third places, the branches of Voronezhenergo and Yarenergo, were awarded certificates of honour.

In the final part of the meeting Deputy General Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Alexander Pilyugin outlined priorities for units of the technical block of the company in 2014. Among them – preparation for operation through the autumn-winter period of 2014-2015, full implementation of investment and maintenance programs, achievement of planned indicators of reliability of power supply, and further optimization of the grid connection procedure for customers. In addition, he gave the chief engineers of the branches operating instructions for the development of long-term programs of parameters relating to their activities, and preparing proposals.

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