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IDGC of Centre took part in the Corporate Day, organized by the Club of Directors for Science and Innovation

21 October 2013

IDGC of Centre took part in the Corporate Day, organized by the Club of Directors for Science and Innovation (iR&Dclub). The event was held in the framework of the contest of startups «Business of Innovative Technologies», conducted by iR&Dclub among students and staff of leading technical universities, research institutions and business schools. One of its main tasks was to introduce the contestants with the experience of innovation activities of leading companies in the Russian business. The purpose of participation of IDGC of Centre in the Corporate Day was further development of the system of cooperation with the participants of the innovation ecosystem, particularly with potential developers of innovative products.

The participants of the contest, in particular, representatives of SC «Russian Technologies», OJSC «OMZ», IBM, Microsoft Seed Fund, CJSC «Communication Engineering» and others talked about how their companies implement innovative start-ups and projects.

The participants of the Corporate Day were able to learn the experience of IDGC of Centre during the session «The corporation-customer: features of a corporate order for innovative products and technologies». The report «Management of research, development and innovation in IDGC of Centre». Features, capabilities and plans to work with innovative start-ups" was presented to them by a representative of the Department of Innovation Elena Medvedeva. According to her, IDGC of Centre actively collaborates with small innovative companies not only in terms of investing in their development and the purchase of their products. The company instills in them a strategic vision, offering to evaluate the effectiveness of their innovations not only based on the degree of their uniqueness, but also in terms of relevance to the corporation-customer.

The participants of the event with interest learned the experience of IDGC of Centre’s innovation activities. In discussing the report, they highly appreciated the approaches demonstrated by the company to the progress of the sector of innovative research and development. Representatives of small innovative companies expressed their desire to expand cooperation with IDGC of Centre. In turn, its representatives informed that as part of this process they plan before the end of the year to launch a specialized interactive platform on the official website of IDGC of Centre.

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