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Power men of IDGC of Center - Orelenergo division prepare energy facilities for the winter peak load

18 August 2011 By the end of the year it is planned to repair 81 transformer substations 10/0,4 kV and six substations 35-110 kV: "Krutoye", "Mezentsevo," "Central", "Shepino", "Podberezovo" and "Big Black" which supply electricity to the Railroad District of the city of Orel and major settlements in Orel, Livensky and Mtsensky districts. 81 power transformers will be also repaired there, more than 1158 km of power lines, including three overhead transmission lines of 110 kV, "Mtsensk - Bolhov-2," "Big Black - Znamenskoye", "Livny, MK - Upper-2TS", which will significantly increase the reliability of electricity supply of Bolkhov, Znamensky districts and city of Mtsensk, where in the aggregate number more than 71 thousand people live.

Equipment repair part by part will be performed at 68 substations of 35 kV and above. It is planned to install 117 feeder disconnectors on the lines of 10 kV. As part of repair and maintenance activities 1683 poles 10/0,4 kV, 10 124 kV suspension insulators of 35-110 kV need to be replaced.

Within the investment program it is planned to reconstruct and construct 42.5 km of power lines. The priority in preparation for the autumn-winter period is the reconstruction of 110 kV overhead transmission line "Steel Horse" with replacement of AC-95 wire for AC-185, which will increase the transmission capacity of power distribution circuits of Orel CHP plant. It is also planned to replace 30 oil circuit-breakers for vacuum ones at two substations of 110 kV, to install 533 arc-suppression devices at 29 substations.

"Specialists of Orel division of IDGC of Center are putting serious emphasis on the preparation of the electric grid facilities for use in extreme conditions, in the period of abnormal weather conditions on the basis of the last winter experience. Bottlenecks are being eliminated that can become cause and consequence of outages during autumn-winter peak loads. Much attention is paid to ROW clearing, creation of trouble-free ROW corridors overpassing overhead lines. This year we will perform ROW clearing and expansion of 803.6 ha for overhead power lines of 0,4-110 kV"- said chief engineer of Orelenergo, Alexander Nemtsev.

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