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Smolensk power engineers are recognized to be the strongest sportsmen of IDGC of Centre

16 August 2010

Within two days in the sport complex “Olymp” of Orel power engineered from 11 regions of the Unified operating company of Centre were trying strength in mini-football, volleyball, track and field athletics and kettlebell lifting competitions.

The Belgorod team became the best in volleyball, Kostroma sportsmen were the second best, Kursk – the third best. Among track and field athletes Kursk ones were recognized to be the best, Smolensk power engineers were the second, the Belgorodenergo team was the bronze medalist in overall competitions.

Mini-football competitions were bright by intensity of emotions. Upon the sport games the results were the following: Voronezh came to the fore, Tambov – the second best, Smolensk – the third best. The unplanned prize — “the most beautiful goal” — was awarded to the Belgorodenergo employee Alexandr Chesnokov by the decision of judges. As the panel of judges noted there had not been the such masterful goal even at the Championship of Russia.

Vyacheslav Meshkov from Smolensk won the Gold among kettlebell lifters in hot contest for medals.
Additional prized of competitions were awarded to the youngest participant of the sports and athletic meeting — Igor Sheda of year old from Kursk and the eldest one – Evgeny Svintsov from Lipetsk.

Yaroslavl supporters were awarded for the best support of their team.
Closing the sports and athletic meeting, Alexey Zelensky, Director for Personnel of IDGC of Centre, noted that all teams showed sport spirit and unconquerable will to the victory which could not be broken even by extreme heat. He called sportsmen not to despair, if they did not manage to make it this time. They have a chance to catch up at the next sports and athletic meeting.

Viktor Ablyozgov, Chairman of the primary trade union organisation of IDGC of Centre, thanked judges who remained unbiased in assessing notwithstanding the high emotional intensity of competitions for excellent work.

At the end of the holiday the members of the team which would represent IDGC of Centre at the sports and athletic meeting of IDGC Holding, JSC in Moscow region was announced. It included sportsmen from Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Orel, Smolensk and Tver gained the lead in their sports.

The members of the team which will represent the Company at the sport and athletic meeting of IDGC Holding, JSC (doc, 26Kb)

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