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IDGC of Centre and the Government of Belgorod region agreed on development of the project “Smart city”

11 June 2010

In course of the meeting Evgeny Makarov and Evgeny Savchenko discussed fulfillment of the Agreement on Cooperation regarding development of power grid complex of the region and providing reliable power supply of consumers signed in September of the last year. It was noted that power engineers of IDGC of Centre, JSC in full fulfill assumed obligations on implementation of investment program, technical re-equipment, development and implementation of schemes of perspective development of power grid complex of the region, creation of conditions for extensive use of power effective and power saving technologies at construction and operation of power facilities.

The parties agreed on the further implementation in Belgorod of the project “Smart city”. Let us remember, that the project “Smart city” provides application of new technologies allowing to use power resources rationally, to manage housing and utilities and to increase quality of servicing of consumers effectively. In accordance with the document signed at the meeting Interregional Distribution Power Grid Company of Centre and the Government of the region determined a number of initiatives on further implementation of conception of power saving and power efficiency and increase of quality of servicing of consumers.

In 2010 it is planned to create information system fro consumers in the region, with its help it will be possible to obtain all necessary information on the current tariffs and tariffs according to day zones, as well as on probable economic effect from their application. Besides, at regional level tariffs stimulating consumers to pay for electric power according to load/rate tariff will be set.

Already this year the Government of the region will start development of the program on power saving in multiunit residential fond, reconstruction of house grids, and requirements on installation of intelligent electric meters will be included in electric power accounting organization program. Besides, it is expected transfer to settlements of consumers according to common house meters and metering devices installed in places of common use of multifamily houses, and implementation of energy resources accounting system in state-financed organisations.

One of the most important constituents of the project “Smart city” are “smart grids” capable to improve quality and reliability of power supply of consumers due to use of up-to-date equipment and automatic management systems. Within frameworks of reached agreements power engineers of IDGC of Centre, JSC undertake to install 39 200 multifunctional meters “Neyron” in houses of residents of Belgorod city this year. 3 500 new street lighting lanterns with power saving and sodium lamps, 274 cabinets of street lighting management of automatic system “Gelios” will appear in districts of the region.

Besides, during the year power engineers are reconstructing above 550 km of overhead transmission lines of 0,4—10 kv using more reliable self-supporting insulated conductor, will assemble 15 booster transformer (boosters) for stabilization of voltage level in 0,4 kv grid, tele-mechanize 29 distribution points of 6—10 kv and 19 transformer substations of 6—10 kv, what will reduce fault detection time and speed restoration of power supply of consumers in emergency situations.

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